Monday, March 26, 2012

A Sprung Spring

In an effort to take advantage of what our area has to offer, M. and I took the kids in to D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms a little over a week ago. We Metro'd down to the Smithsonian/Mall, strolled along the tidal basin, saw some Irish dancers peforming by the Washington Monument (it was St. Pat's Day), and hit up the Natural History Museum. It was fun and exhausting, and I've been meaning to write a nice, wordy post about it ever since we went (where I could do things like rant about how, when asked what his favorite part of the day was, Finn answered "the toy shop" - meaning the gift shop at the museum. Apparently we could have skipped all the fuss and just bought him a toy snake at Target instead...), but that hasn't happened. To get these photos up before this year's cherry blossoms are a distant memory, I'm just going to slap these photos up on the ol' blog, and hope that work/life slows down enough one of these days that I can stop ignoring the text-y part of blogging.

On the Metro:

M. apparently likes to wear his sunglasses underground...

The Cherry Blossoms:

 Lucy was not impressed with the cherry blossoms. She stayed in the stroller (a hotly contested commodity between her and Finn during this trip, as they both wanted to sit in it constantly. Note to self: bring two strollers to Disney World!) and did her best to look grumpy.

The view toward the other side of the tidal basin

One of these two was a little grumpy because he wanted a popsicle he didn't get.

Chillin' on the Mall after visiting the Natural History museum:

Finn's spoils from the museum gift shop - a very realistic looking but thankfully fake snake

A boy and his snake

Lucy's spoils - a cannister of mini dinosaurs

This is what happened about 5 minutes after we got back to the car. Total exhaustion!


  1. Looks like a nice day! When we went to Natural History Wes screamed so loud THE ENTIRE TIME we were there I thought we were going to arouse the suspicions of DHS. I would have gladly deported him myself given the option.

  2. Looks like a fantastic day! This makes me wish we lived in DC!!!!

  3. These are such great photos, A. Never feel badly about less text when the photos are so pretty :) Glad you braved the metro and the cherry blossom crowds!

  4. So beautiful! Looks like a fun day! I think Disney has double strollers you can rent, in the parks. But the bummer is once your out of the park (onto monorail or whatever) no more stroller. Have fun!