Friday, January 6, 2012

Food "Pin"spiration

Well, I did it – I surrendered myself (finally? Seems like everyone else is already doing it) to yet another internet movement/fad/obsession. I crossed over to the dark side and requested a Pinterest account (still holding out on Twitter, though...). Mainly because I’ve become a bit addicted to browsing through food blogs. Seriously, I can’t stop looking at all these delicious, beautiful looking pictures of food, and dreaming of making them. How’s that for diet inspiration – not so good, eh? Anyway, I would like to actually COOK some of these delightful recipes (the healthy ones, of course... and maybe one or two not-so-healthy-but-oh-so-yummy-looking ones), instead of just drooling over them. But I don’t want to end up with a stack of messy, crumply, tree-killing, bound-to-be-lost-and/or-stained sheets of 8.5 X 11 paper. So I’m joining Pinterest (well, I’m on the “wait list”, so I *may* be joining Pinterest, if they extend me an invitation), which I plan to use to “pin” these recipes all in one place, a place I can then reference for inspiration when I’m menu planning and what not. We’ll see if my usage extends beyond that – I’ve heard that once you start browsing and pinning, it’s hard to stop.

How about you? Do you have a Pinterest account? If you do, what do you use it for?

Also note that, to better feed my food blog obsession, I’ve started a new blogroll to the right to make it easier for me to frequent some of my favorite "food porn" sites. I’m sure I will be adding to this list. I encourage you to browse, too – you’d have to be the most heartless, dedicated, food-hater to not come away with a rumbly tummy and an intense desire to cook something absolutely fabulous!


  1. I have had some HORRIFIC failures from Pinterest. The nutella brownies pop to mind. We threw them in the trash.

    This blog put together a weekly Pinterest Test Kitchen where bloggers post their successes and failures from Pinterest:

  2. I have Pinterest, but mainly to keep photos of DIY and decorating ideas that I see in magazines but don't want to save in paper form. May even scan in some older pages I have saved to help eliminate my hoarding habit.

    But I hear you about recipes - hard to keep up with all the ideas out there!

  3. Hi! I love Smitten Kitchen. I've made a number of her recipes and loved them all. As, un-gourmet and ordinary as it sounds, the "Best Chocolate Pudding" stands out as one of the best SK recipes I've tried. (If you decide to give it a go, may I suggest using Scharffen Berger 62% cacao semisweet chocolate?) I've made the "Zucchini Fritters" a number of times for my kiddos. The Roast Chicken with Dijon Sauce is excellent, too. There are others, but I'll stop before we get too hungry ;-)

    Happy cooking!

  4. I just got into Pinterest too! Most of the food I see on there is not quite healthy though... But still is a fun thing to do to waste some time. Some of the kids activities posted are also quite clever. Happy pinning! (I think I am your pinterest friend now, is that what they call it? So I will be following you...)