Monday, August 15, 2011

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

I have lots to say, obvs. About vacation, and the kids, and the 5K I ran with Natalie.

And my plan was to sit down last night, after an inaugural "I'm back to attempting to be healthy" run, with a glass of wine, and create a photo-licious post for you all about our vacation.

But then, during my run, this happened:

Side view

Front view

View earlier today as I developed a lovely black eye

In trying to swerve around a large dog barking at me from the middle of the sidewalk, I managed to trip, scrape up a good portion of my body, and give myself a nice whack on the head with the concrete. Good times. I immediately developed a huge goose egg, and spent my painful walk home and a good portion of the rest of the evening alternating between crying and feeling sorry for myself. Nothing like a good injury to make me cry about EVERYTHING. By the time M. heard me come in to the house and came to tend to my many wounds (with appropriate amounts of concern, though I am well aware that much of that concern stems from not wanting to be left all alone with the children), I was combining my bad luck/inability to read the signs that I shouldn't go for a run (dark already. difficult bedtime with kids. many other things that should probably be prioritized) with tears over whether we were parenting Finn completely, absolutely, wrongly. Ah, the release of a good cry... once you start, you just can't stop.

Anyway, we checked with a neighbor who is a nurse, and determined that provided we were vigilant about detecting any signs of mental deterioration, I could put off going to the ER for the time being and wait for the swelling to go down. M. has given me about 20 pop quizzes to check my mental faculties, and I have passed with flying colors. He probably expected me to be able to name where we got married and the town we currently live in, but I surprised him by even being able to name his brother's middle name. A fact I'm not even sure HE remembers. I came to the conclusion that it was possible he had sustained a concussion at some point last night, when, before attending to a crying, nightmare-having Finn, he actually asked me which room was Finn's. Because he didn't know. He was apparently a wee bit sleep-addled and confused.

I worked from home today (and slept in) to recover, and am now left with a slight headache, some garish eye markings that might call for a purchase of purple and pink eye shadows, and plenty of muscle soreness that reminds me of just how unsuited my muscles are to taking the full weight of my body on as it skids across a hard surface. How do kids fall so often, and recover so quickly? This would not have phased Finn or Lucy for more than half an hour, but I was putting myself on driving arrest, limping around the house, and worrying about stray blood clots. Maybe because they are closer to the ground?

Tonight, I am enjoying that belated glass of wine (or two). Hopefully tomorrow I'll get around to those vacation pictures... ;-).

Re: title. I was born on a Wednesday. But I don't think I'm atypically full of woe?


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so bad! I had a big fall running once and I was shaken up for a few weeks. Still have the scar on my knee to prove I'm a badass runner.

  2. You poor thing! Yes, it's amazing how quickly kids get over stuff like that and us? Not so much. Cameron still has a yellow bruise on her forehead from her collision with the door frame over a week ago.

  3. I have a huge fear of falling while running! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to get up and would cry all the way home. Hope you're feeling better. Keep adding wine:)

  4. Oh no! Stupid dog! I'm sorry that happened. I hope you get all the special treatment you deserve. I'm thinking cupcakes to go with that wine.

  5. So sorry about the fall and bruises. Sometimes when I watch my nephews run around I am amazed they are still alive. I think it must be some of that lingering cartilage in their bodies that hasn't turned to bone yet. They are like super kids, part-rubber.