Monday, May 30, 2011

Come Monday

A quick low-down on our busy, exhausting, fun Memorial Day weekend. Which is mostly just an excuse to show you some more photos without writing much text. Because this grossly hot weather we are having has completely melted my brain, or at least my ability to think of interesting things to write.

We had dinner out at Red Robin Friday night to celebrate a whole week of green circles at school for Finn. The guest of honor chose to eat, per usual, pizza. Though it is a burger restaurant.

Finn got a summer haircut:

I am loving that he has some excellent self esteem as far as his looks go, but this kid has been staring at himself in the mirror nonstop ever since the clippers came out. He thinks his haircut is absolutely beautiful. I of course agree, but I'd prefer he not interrupt all of our meals to stand up on his chair in order to look in the mirror we have hanging in the dining room.

In a flash of inspiration that combined with an ideal weather forecast, M. and I decided on the spur of the moment to scrub (Saturday) and stain (Sunday morning and Monday afternoon) the deck. I have no pictures of that experience, but I feel I must mention it because my muscles are still complaining. As is my husband.

We went to a winery north of Baltimore Sunday afternoon and spent hours picnicking, drinking cold white wine (quickly, so it would not get warm), enjoying the company of good friends, and listening to a Jimmy Buffet tribute band. To prepare the kids, we indoctrinated them with a Buffet "Best of" CD so that they would enjoy the performance. Ever since, Finn has been walking around singing smatterings of "Cheeseburger in Paradise" ad nauseum.

While at the winery, we attempted to get a family photo snapped:

As you can see, the kids weren't too on board with that plan. Especially Lucy.

Here are a couple of photos of my hot husband looking particularly hot (at this point, given the weather, probably both literally and figuratively):

Our wonderful friends, Margo and Leif (hi, guys!):

This guy (at his insistance) was my partner on the dance floor (not pictured). He loves shakin' his booty! This kid would KILL at a wedding. Now we just need one to bring him to. Any takers, unmarried cousins or brother...?

He'll grow into this, I'm sure. Go Pack!

The Boys

Margo and a rare sighting of Lucy in front of the camera with her eyes open.

Somehow Lucy managed to come down with an ear infection WHILE WE WERE DRIVING home from the winery. Not sure how she managed that one, since she hasn't had a cold lately. But she suddenly started in with lots of tears and complaints about her ear hurting, after zero indication that anything was wrong.

Which brings us right in to today, Monday. It involved grumpy, tired parents (from sipping on wine all day yesterday and not being able to properly sleep it off, what with the ear-pained child who kept WAKING US UP during the night), a quick trip to the doctor's office (LOVE our pediatrician, who fit in an office visit for us even though the office was closed), sundry errands, M. trying to kill himself by finishing up the deck staining process in 98 degree weather, a three+ hour nap for Lucy once the antibiotics started kicking in, and the typical mad scramble that is the night before the work week starts anew. But even though today wasn't all that remarkable or even all that fun, it was nice just having an extra day to spend with each other. It made the fun we had yesterday even more relaxing, knowing we didn't have to kill ourselves to get back early to get ready for work and school.

And it means that this week? Is a 4-day work week. Woot!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun one! You have such a cute family.

    What winery did you try? Any good?

  2. Boordy - and yes, they have some really nice wines! :-)