Monday, November 1, 2010

Kids in Costume (and more)

Halloween weekend 2010 was a success by all accounts. My parents were in town, and the two extra sets of hands/unqualified attention for the under 4 feet crowd were a clear bonus.

We began on Friday night with some small gifts for the kids (mandatory grandparent gifts), and a birthday cake to re-celebrate Finn's 4th birthday:

A Batman cake

That went over very, very well with the guest of honor

Lucy refused to eat any cake (weirdo), so she managed to stay this clean

Finn did not fair so well

But at least he was a cute mess

Saturday morning brought soccer class for Finn, which, though cold:

A bundled Grammy gabbing with Lucy on the sidelines

was also fun. Finn's class had their first real "game", aka two different classes that tried to score on each other. There was much confusion about which goal each group of kids was supposed to aim for, and plenty of wandering attention spans, but it was adorable:

Finn is the one in the green shirt and camo hat

Lucy was her usual effervescent, hard to control, keeps-you-running self:

Pic of M. chasing her far and wide while the rest of us cheered Finn on

Saturday afternoon I escaped with my mom for mani/pedis and some kid-free grocery shopping (trust me, that IS a luxury). Then it was time for pumpkin carving, spearheaded by the surgeon himself, Bumpa:

Assisted by Finn, of course

My mom and M. took on the role of event photographer, so that left the role of "getting in the way and whining" to Lucy

And the unenviable role of separating the slimy pumpkin seeds from the even slimier pumpkin guts to me

Finn and Bumpa are posing with their finished product here

And Lucy helped Grammy prepare the pumpkin seeds for roasting (seriously, how cute is that?!)

The pumpkin made a suitably scary jack-o-lantern once lit up after dark

Sunday morning we headed out for breakfast at the local airpark, and dined on eggs and pancakes while watching little prop planes take off and land. Then M. and my dad took off for a game of golf (and I would be a remiss wife if I didn't sneak in the fact that M. managed to hit an 89, despite being very cold and utterly out of practice). A quick dinner for the kids, and it was time for costumes and trick-or-treating!:

Lucy was a fairy-princess-type thing - basically whatever cheap little bits we could find that we thought she would not cry about wearing (and would be able to keep using as dress up clothes for years to come - how's that for frugal?).

Finn, as previewed a couple of weeks ago here, continued his superhero obsession by dressing up as Batman

Attempts to get a picture of both kids in costume, together, failed


Not a failure? The actual Trick-or-Treating. Both kids had a great time, didn't shy away from saying trick-or-treat or thank you (when prompted) to all the many strangers, and lasted a good hour out on the streets. The evening basically ended when Lucy pooped, necessitating (by virtue of smell) a return home to assess the loot.

Now I have a whole bucked of candy and a half-eaten birthday cake to get rid of. Help!!

p.s. - all photos taken with my dad's camera. Makes me want my dad's camera!!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! I'm slightly jealous of your seasonal weather. Don't you love celebrating birthdays multiple times? Makes the kids feel so special. I love it.