Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner

On the menu:
Hamburgers on white whole grain buns (2 for M., 1 split between the kids, veggie burger for me)
Cheese, tomato, onion, avocado, pickle slices, ketchup and mustard for the adults
Plain ketchup for the kids
2 slices of cheese (on the side, for the kids)
5 ears of corn on the cob
Milk for the kids

Food consumed:
1 veggie burger
2.3 hamburgers
2.25 ears of corn (admittedly, it was not good corn - very tough)
2 slices of cheese
2 cups of milk

Food thrown on floor:
0.4 of a hamburger, cut into small pieces
1 ear of corn, thrown 3 times
1 cup of milk, also thrown 3 times
Several plain pasta noodles, given to appease shouting toddler who would not eat anything else (including said noodles)

In pictorial:

Lucy enjoying a bite of her corn the "right" way.

Lucy demonstrating how she usually tries to eat corn on the cob, by gnawing on the kernel-less ends.

M. is clearly angry that the corn was disappointingly tough, on this his Celebratory Day of Fatherhood.

Finn looks angry here, but is probably just concentrating hard on getting the bite with the least meat and most ketchup possible.

Lucy is contemplating throwing something on the floor. Maybe the tough corn?



Dessert - a "dummy" worm

So ready for bed, or at least for someone to take that piece of cheese out of her hair
This is a typical view of how my living room looks by the end of every weekend. I can tell you are all jealous.

And now some non-dinner pictures while I'm here, since I haven't had a chance to post many photos lately:

The kids have found a new "hiding" spot wedged in between the kitchen wall and the back of their play kitchen (if you call constant giggling and calls of "you can't find us" hiding). If Lucy looks a little alarmed here, it likely means she was. She often gets dragged into Finn's little hiding spots involuntarily.

Finn is a constant, constant source of questions, which is a blog post in and of itself. But the latest adult activity he has become determined to spoil with incessant why's and what's is my Saturday morning magazine reading. Here he is paging through the Economist and demanding to know the meaning behind a satirical cartoon. Not so easy to break down into 3-year-old speak...

Once you move past those gorgeous blue eyes, you may notice 2 Batmen (Batmans?) that appear to be passed out and an Iron Man missing 2 limbs. Fighting crime is a tough job.

Bonus pic. I won't even try to come up with an appropriately witty figure legend, I'll just point out that of the 3 items of clothing Finn is wearing here, one of those is a pair of my dirty gym socks.

Edited to add: Sorry the resolution of my photos is so crappy - seems to be an upload issue. Is anyone else having trouble getting Blogger to publish your photos at a decent resolution? This seems worse than usual, maybe something changed recently?


  1. I think the resolution is fine - but that might be due to the fact my eyes suck. Great photos!

  2. I had to stop reading the Economist because it was like reading a novel. Have you tried grilling the corn? Soak it for 10 minutes and grill for 15. Perfect every time.

  3. The resolution looks fine on my end.

    Very cute outfit that Finn compiled :)

    Hope M. had a good father's day despite the tough corn!

  4. Looks like an endurance test for Father's Day: note: it won't be the last time! :) Thanks for the great photos, and love to you all!

  5. I just want to thank you for keeping it real on your living room picture!! That is basically my entire house every day. I try to pick up before my mom comes over to avoid her usual, "Oh boy!", but picking up toys is like shoveling during a blizzard.