Saturday, March 20, 2010

Had I Known How Long It Takes To Upload Video, I Would Have Just Written A Real Post Instead

I have all kinds of fodder for new blog posts (a trouble-making Finn, a speeding ticket, yet ANOTHER stomach bug for Lucy, our very first ER visit with one of the kids, various other heart-attack inducing injuries - all of which occurred in just this past week), but no time to write them. Work is quite soundly kicking my ass right now, and I don't foresee a break from it any time soon. So instead, I shall just post some pictures in yet another cop-out post.

Lucy during a nebulizer treatment, with which we are thankfully done.

Lucy concentrating on her favorite activity - grabbing at the cat

Balloon-head Finn

What a smile!

Modeling new swim clothes, ready for summer (aren't we all?)

Finn in his pirate shirt

Perhaps you can make out one of the above-referenced injuries in this photo - Lucy took a header down the only two hardwood steps we have in the house. Perhaps you can also see that gate that was put up to prevent it from happening again... Geez, you'd think this was our first time doing this parenting thing.

Another view of the head injury, and a picture of the new crawling skills

In the last day or so, Lucy has developed a new "thing" that was funny/cute at first, but is quickly becoming annoying. I like to call it the "laugh-cry." She seems to do it whenever she's tired or frustrated or happy or hungry (so, always). Enjoy the new soundtrack to our lives:

Another quick video for you with a few seconds of Lucy crawling and rolling around:


  1. Adore Lucy's outfit in the videos - very stylish tunic w/ skinny jeans! Hang in there with work (etc.).

  2. Balloon head!!!!! OMG, do you have something to torture him with when he is older!!!

  3. I love the new masthead photo - Lucy's tongue may rival Gene Simmons! I hope Lucy doesn't start whining all the time. My little boy whiner has become a toddler whiner. Love all the photos.