Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally a Moment to Blog

I've been totally remiss in updating about Lucy's start at daycare. In my defense, I've been crazy busy at work AND traveling - as I type this, I sit in the Tampa airport, waiting to fly back home. With any luck (all fingers and toes are crossed), I will be home in time to help with bedtime. Metro D.C. traffic patterns can suck it, I WILL see my kids tonight.

I'm always quite prepared about travel - I get to the airport early (hence, finally some free time to actually update my blog, thanks to free wireless), I pack all my toiletries in the standard quart size bag and put it in easy reach to pull out for security, I take off my shoes and take out my computer without asking, etc. Total pro. Except today, of course, where I somehow managed to forget that I had a water bottle packed in my carry on suitcase. I could go on and on about the experience of having my back set aside and searched, and the contraband taken away, by a TSA official who seemed to be pulling my leg the entire time as he spoke very deliberately and slowly in his Greek accent. Until he pulled out the bottle of water, of course. But I'll spare you, and move on to more interesting topics.

So, daycare. There actually isn't much to report. Lucy is doing great there. She does a wonderful job drinking her bottles (she's up to six ounces. SIX! I'm just floored, I don't think Finn hit that volume until he was at least 7 months old), and is generally pretty happy and smiley. As predicted, she does not do a great job napping there. But fortunately, to make up for the shortness of her naps (they average about half an hour, but some have been as short as 15 minutes!), her providers are really good about putting her down often. Usually she takes about 4 naps a day at school, so she's getting about 2 hours of sleep there. Still less than she needs, of course, so bedtime has been coming early.

One slight disruption - we just learned yesterday that Lucy's primary caregiver has given notice, and will be leaving after Friday. It all seems a bit fishy - she told M. that she is quitting because "too many people are mad at [her]." Unclear if she meant her co-workers, but I'm really not interested in getting the scoop. Her role will be taken over by one of the other senior staff in the infant room, so Lucy and the other babies won't really notice a difference. Not that they notice much, of course ;-).

I have been out of town since Sunday night. My first time leaving Lucy, and it was not easy for me. I've whipped out my trusty cell phone on several occasions over the last couple of days just to look at the pictures I have of Finn and Lucy on it. Pathetic, I'm sure, but what can I say, I miss them!

M. has been doing great job on his own, due in a large part to Finn. He has been a big help, playing by himself while M. puts Lucy down for bed and in general being as helpful as an almost 3-year-old can be. It's my turn next week - M. will be out of town for two days - and I can only hope things go just as well for me. Don't want M. showing me up! ;-)

By the way, Finn has been asking to wear underwear to bed at night. M. managed to wriggle out of it last night by offering pull-ups with Lightening McQueen on them, a new purchase. I was relieved for him, because parenting solo is no time to introduce possible middle-of-the-night accidents that require changing the sheets. However, it's definitely time, so we may try it out tonight since I will be back to help. I think he'll do great, but may be back to ask for advice if things don't go as well as expected.


  1. Glad to hear day care transition is going well!

    We use training underwear on Nate at night. Since it's padded and thick, it absorbs the first of any accident. He's only wet the bed once sit the transition but it's still nice insurance to have (and cheaper than pullup).

    We bought just regular Gerber cotton training underwear at Target.

  2. I would second Laura (not that I really know) or would suggest a plastic undersheet. At least that way you aren't dealing with mattress pee :-)

  3. His mattress is already covered in about 3 different waterproof layers - we've got that part covered, at least :-).

  4. Okay I just have to ask - what kind of flood are you expecting with multiple plastic covers on the mattress?

  5. The entire mattress is covered in a zippered protective covering (keeps out allergens, etc, and also blocks liquids). Then he has a waterproof mattress pad under his sheets. So by multiple I just mean two, I guess :-).