Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Lighter Post

M. says my last few posts have been too serious/complain-y, so I'm going to lay off the kid issues at least for today (it helps that both kids are doing very well today, and Finn is back at daycare).

I can't avoid some complaining, though - in this case, with regard to the quality of daytime television. Can't TV programmers have a little sympathy for me and my fellow "temporarily not working" peers? I don't have a long standing relationship with a daytime soap opera (once upon a time, in middle school, I was a General Hospital/One Life to Live fan, and I could probably pick out many of the characters to this day since they never change/always come back, but that was a long time ago and I'm really not interested anymore). I can't stand shows like Dr. Phil, Tyra Banks, etc (even, gasp, Oprah! The one exception is Ellen - she is hilarious - but I always seem to miss her show somehow). I can't even watch the last hour of the Today show (way too much fluff). I adore HGTV, but they don't air my favorite shows during the day. Instead of House Hunters or Designed to Sell, I'm stuck with Decorating Cents and Designer's Challenge - blech. Now that I no longer have time to cook, I just can't sit through hours of the Food Network the way I used to (so sad, because I really, really enjoyed that stuff once upon a time, i.e. pre-kids). Having just gone through childbirth, I really can't sit through shows like Birth Day, Bringing Home Baby, Adoption Stories, etc - the norm of channels like TLC and Discovery Health during the day. I get bored out of my mind, but I also cry every time the baby is born or the parents meet their to-be-adopted child for the first time (I'm such a sucker), two reasons not to watch.

One day USA aired a House marathon, a show I had never really watched before. I discovered I really like it, and I was in good company that day through a few feedings and several loads of laundry. But the experience has not been repeated - USA has stuck to other shows like Law and Order or one of the CSI's every day since. I also find that I (**blush**) enjoy Tori Spelling's reality show - she and Dean are actually a pretty funny and cute couple. But I have already seen all the re-runs, apparently, as every time I flip by it's an episode I recognize.

What's a gal to do? I could try to get House on Netflix, but we signed up for the cheapest plan available to save money, and only get 2 DVDs a month. What I really want is some intelligent, funny programming that I can watch regardless of where I come in during the episode. Less reality TV (is that heresy?). Anyone else frustrated with a lack of quality television programming while on maternity leave?

Lest you think me awful and lazy, let me also say that I do get out of the house - I try to run errands and go on a walk every day. But with the summer heat coming on, there is a limit to how much outside stuff I can do with an infant. I also have books to read, and I am currently working my way through the "Wicked" sequel, "Son of a Witch" (so far I really like it).

OK, non-kid-related complaining over. Now is time for the cute kid photos:

First trip of the summer to the neighborhood pool

Just adorable, right? Even with croup, the kid is a sight for sore eyes!

Putting his new dump truck to good use as a shoe organizer

Modeling the sweater made by great-grandmother Mimi

Smiling for Mommy


  1. Do you have a DVR? You could DVR House and other shows. Daytime tv programming is the worst!

    I have no ideas bc Jon watched World Cup Soccer the first few weeks of my maternity leave (he took a month off) and after that, I was grateful for anything except soccer.

  2. Yes, we have a DVR on one of our TVs, the one in the basement. Great for watching stuff at night, but I spend most of my daytime hours up in the lighter, brighter main level. That's a good idea, though - I should definitely DVR House.

    I saw a lot of sports programming (MLB, and hence fantasy baseball, was just starting up when Lucy was born. I share your pain!

  3. ER is on twice in the morning...it's early in the series so this is a good time to start watching again.

  4. Hulu.com on your laptop!! Does your netflix subscription allow you to watch stuff online? Lots of series there. Make Stacey bring you Veronica Mars I let her borrow - she's never going to watch it.

  5. A, you and I have similar taste, so I feel for you. Definitely try for the DVRing, borrowing DVDs, Netflixing whatever you can. Daytime TV really is the worst. And I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand Oprah :-) Hang in there!

  6. I second the Hulu vote. Love catching up on episodes of new shows or old ones (like Doogie Howser, MD or Buffy).

  7. Oooh - Buffy, that would be perfect.

  8. Go Buffy and maybe add the season 2 - 5 of Angel.