Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photos, Finally

A quick dumping of some of the recent pictures that have made it into our iPhoto library:

Finn playing with his cousins Bo and Ty in Wisconsin a few weeks ago

"Taking a picture" of Daddy taking a picture

Meeting Bucky the Badger at the Madison airport gift shop

Having some serious train play time

Hmm, do you think there's a family resemblance?

Me and the belly at 30 weeks (a week ago)

Finn and M. goofing around

I have gazillions more pictures, but most just did not come out very well. We are actually hoping to buy a new camera in the next month or two, because ours just isn't fitting our needs these days. Too many out of focus, red-eyed (ah, the curse of having blue eyes!), and/or washed out photos. If you really like your camera, let me know what it is. We are looking for something that can deliver a sharp, realistic looking picture in the amount of time it takes a toddler to wiggle. Is this an impossible dream?

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to leave comments, as Jon is a Minnesota grad. (ha ha!)

    A digital SLR has no delay between the time you click the button and when the picture is taken. I find that critical in taking any pics of toddlers! I have a pretty basic Canon Rebel and I know a lot of people with it or the Nikon D50. A little bit of an expense but it truly does make a difference.

    And Canon makes a cheap ($75) lens that is pretty high quality. Goddess has info on her blog as she got the same one I did.