Monday, July 6, 2015


After a nearly 8-month hiatus, a dusting off of this blog is in order, it seems. A lot has happened between last November and now. When I left off, irresponsibly (and predictably) falling short of my promise to put up a blog post every night during M.'s trip to Morocco, I neglected to mention the potentially life-altering situation that was afoot. A couple of days before M.'s trip, you see, he was offered a new job - a dream job, really. And while everything was crazy and uncertain and roller coastery for a while, I'll make a long story short by saying - we moved!

A few weeks after Christmas, we packed up the kids, the cat, and all our belongings, and left Maryland for the seacoast of New Hampshire.  Did you know that New Hampshire has a seacoast? It's a whopping 13 miles of coastline sandwiched between Massachusetts and Maine. It's tiny but action packed, and we are about 20 minutes west of the actual coast, in a small-ish town with a great school system.

While we arrived just in time for the snowiest, longest winter of our lives (ha! understatement), we have been loving it up here. M.'s commute, which was typically nearly an hour and a half each way in D.C., is now 15 minutes. We live less than an hour from my parents (and many other friends and relatives!), and an hour and a half from my parents' house on Sebago Lake. We've been living in a rental house which is actually the original farmhouse on a working apple orchard. I've been working from home, and I feel very fortunate that I'm able to do that. It's insanely bucolic and ideal and everything we had been hoping for, but never thought we'd get. Srsly.

And now, NOW - we bought a house. Here are a couple of photos, most of which were already posted on Instagram and Facebook (sorry!). More to come...

M. and I toasting the night we closed on the house. We are happy, exhausted, and poor, can you tell?

The front of the house. Dear Readers, I HAVE A YARD!!

A tiny peek at the kitchen, with flowers snipped from the front of our rental house.

And finally, a sighting of my disheveled, sweaty children who tried so hard (and failed so miserably) to be patient while we scurried around cleaning and moving boxes and sanding and spackling this weekend.

Happy 4th, indeed!!


  1. Hurray!! So glad to see you again! Congrats on the job and the move. It all sounds so exciting. We love being close to family, isn't it the best?

    Your house is gorgeous and the kids have grown so much! Keep writing! :)

  2. Happy, happy for you all! More pics of your new place are always looks fantastic!!